About Hatten Education

Looking for a fun and easy way to boost your child's language development? Our books, toys and games do just that!

We are a Swedish publishing house specialising in children’s books, games and materials for developing children's language skills. For about ten years we have been spreading our language developing books and toys all over Sweden, and several of our characters now have a large following of toddlers and children, as well as parents, teachers and Speech-Language Therapists.

Now we are launching some of our most popular characters in English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish too!

Babblarna are a colourful bunch. Their videos on YouTube are enormously popular, and every day new viewers are discovering and falling for these little speech boosters - because Babblarna are more than just entertaining and fun - they can really aid language development.

Babblarnas' names - Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo, Dadda, Diddi and Doddo - are chosen so that they boost both speech perception and production, and the books and games have been developed in collaboration with Professor Irene Johansson at Karlstad University specially for children in the early stages of language development. In playing with the sounds and syllables of Babblarna the children acquire more and more experience of the basic skills needed for speech production.

Read more about Babblarna and browse in their own web-shop here: www.babblarna.se/en



Reading and playing with Pippa & Boo is a fun way to help children acquire their first words and the use of short sentences. They are created by children’s book author and Speech-Language Pathologist Elvira Ashby and especially suitable for 0-3 year olds.

One way of boosting early language development is baby signing, to use gestures and hand signs when talking and reading. The Pippa & Boo books come with line drawings of hand signs from ASL (American Sign Language) or BSL (British Sign Language) for all key words. A fun way of learning new words and signs for both children and adults!

The Pippa & Boo books are also full of onomatopiea, words like BANG and BOINK, which are easy for children to learn and use, and the stories are built on a lot of repetition, which enables the grown-up to work as a model for the child’s speech production.

Read more about Pippa & Boo here: www.pippaboo.com